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Our Mission

The Cultural Office of Kuwait in Australia deals with the educational and financial affairs of Kuwaiti students hoping to study or currently studying in Australia and New Zealand. By facilitating the application process and educational and financial needs of our students, we hope to meet the aspirations of the Ministry of Higher Education of Kuwait by contributing positively to their academic and cultural development.

List of Responsiblities:

  1. Cultural Affairs
    • Strengthening the academic and cultural ties between universities and colleges in Australia and New Zealand with those of Kuwait.
    • Bettering the cooperation among international academic and cultural institutions in Australia.
    • Cultural, scientific, and educational cooperation between Australia and Kuwait through organised visits and meetings.
    • Being aware of the latest cultural and academic activities.
    • Exchange of documentation, archives, and publications about science, art, education, and culture between Australia and Kuwait.

  2. Student Affairs
    • Supervision of all Kuwaiti students studying in Australia and New Zealand.
    • Organising what is needed for Kuwaiti students studying in Australia and New Zealand.
    • Certification of degrees and diplomas.
    • Organising and facilitating meetings and visits for academics from Australia and Kuwait.

  3. Administrative and Financial Affairs
    • Preparation of the annual budget for the cultural office covering employee salaries and other expenses.
    • Payment of student tuition fees studying in Australia and New Zealand. We also cover medical bills and student allowance.